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    What do people say about us?

    • I’m new to CrossFit and I’m so happy I found it, and specifically, CrossFit Spur. John and Lauren at Spur go above and beyond to ensure we’re safe and get the best out of every workout. The box is spacious and location is awesome too. Thanks for all you guys do! I surprise myself more and more each time I notice my strength growing. Such a rewarding experience!

      Elizabeth Laughlin
    • Whatever your fitness goals are, CrossFit Spur’s programming will help you achieve them. John and Lauren have created an amazing environment that is helping so many people improve their health. The member community is outstanding. I’ve met college athletes, working moms and dads, and older folks who just want to stay active. I would highly recommend dropping in and checking it out!

      Brad Babic
    • Highly recommend! I have found a very energetic, positive and friendly environment here. The owners John and Lauren seems genuinely interested in the safe and positive growth of each member. Each instructor lends different expertise, leading to a well rounded and fun experience. There is a strong emphasis on form, critical for functional movement and injury prevention, especially for someone like myself who is older than the average CrossFitter. There are movement modifications (scaling) that coaches will recommend if a particular movement is outside of one’s skill set. Each day brings something new, challenging and exciting!

      Georgia Bowerman
    • Awesome gym!!! I wasn’t sure how much I’d like CrossFit before I came to Spur. But what I found here was a welcoming community of members, highly knowledgeable coaches, and workout programming that is always changing to keep us engaged. My fitness and strength have improved to where I’m easily in the best shape of my life now. I’ve been here for over 2 years and I can’t imagine ever going back to a traditional gym.

      Becky Kerrigan
    • After not going to a gym for several years, I decided to get back into CrossFit. The coaches at Spur are all amazing. No matter your fitness level they are going to help you get better and stronger. On top of that the other people that go are also very nice and fun to work out with. They will easily become your new friends.

      For those on the fence, go for it!

      David Mink





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