CrossFit Near Me In Glenmont, New York
CrossFit Spur classes are designed to provide a solid foundation of functional movement for people of all ability levels.

Our systematic program is built around fundamental compound movements, but includes all aspects of fitness in order to create a well rounded athlete both in and out of the gym.

Our ability levels may vary, but our needs do not. The need for functional movement differs only by intensity, and not by kind. For example; A student athlete may need to squat heavy weights to excel in their sport, while a senior citizen must perform that same squat using only their body weight in order to sit down and get up out of a chair. While the intensity varies, the need for the movement itself does not.

At Crossfit Spur safety is our first priority. Classes are led by qualified, experienced coaches who motivate and encourage athletes to succeed. We provide the tools to help our members achieve more than they thought possible by making hard work fun!

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