It’s a Lie.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re CrossFit Spur member (or were at one point) and already understand what we do here.

I’m hoping you can share this post to try and persuade those on the fence to come give it a try and help those who don’t get it at all understand a little better.

Have you ever told someone you do CrossFit and they respond with

“I’m too old to workout like that”


“Maybe back when I was playing football in college/high school…”

Anyone who tells you they are “too old” to exercise has simply given up on themselves. It’s easier to lean on an excuse than tell the truth, but that’s the truth.

I started working out when I was 18 years old and from that point on I’ve heard “just wait until you’re my age” more times than I’d care to count.

Now, I can’t speak to anything beyond (almost) 40 years of age, however I can say my recovery does take longer, the importance of my warm up is increasing and the margin of error when sacrificing good movement for a high score is narrowing rapidly.

I can also say objectively that I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.

I still see more improvement than regression on a regular basis. And I’m not alone. It happens every day at Spur to members of all ages.

It shouldn’t be uncommon for older adults to exercise and be physically active as they age. In fact, it should be completely normal. Unfortunately we’ve been fed a backwards narrative.

We’re commonly told to avoid intense, heavy or challenging exercise as we age in order to reduce the risk of injury. The truth is intense, heavy or challenging exercise is the best way to PREVENT injury as we age when prescribed appropriately.

I don’t think CrossFit is the only solution, however I think it’s the best. Anything that gets someone off the couch, promotes movement and reinforces healthy eating is awesome. But CrossFit methodology provides a holistic approach to fitness with practical application and unparalleled effectiveness.

“Squats and deadlifts are dangerous”

If you don’t want assistance getting off the toilet you better learn to squat.
If you’d like to climb stairs safely without stopping to catch your breath you better practice squatting often.

If you don’t want to ‘throw your back out’ rearranging furniture you better learn to deadlift.
If you want to pick up your kids, grand kids or great grand kids you better deadlift (relatively) heavy and practice often.

Functional human needs vary by intensity, not by kind.

Athletes may require hundreds of pounds to improve performance while grandparents require their own body weight to get up off the couch, but we all need to squat.

The most dangerous thing an aging adult can do is become weak and move poorly.

I heard a great analogy a while back.

Fitness as we age is like hang gliding. The fitter you are, the higher your glider climbs and your ride down will be much longer and more enjoyable.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming Instagram series of “What / Why / How” posts regarding the importance functional movement.

We’re also introducing a referral program so the next time someone tells you they’re too old or CrossFit is too dangerous there’s a little incentive to come see for themselves! More info will be available in the coming weeks.