Nutrition Services


Nutrition Services

What Does “Eating Healthy” Really Mean?

“If you don’t make time for health now you will be forced to make time for illness later”

The thought of healthy eating can be very overwhelming. There are a million people telling you a million different things and who knows what to believe. So what way is the healthiest?

The reality is there are many different ways to eat healthy. Some general aspects of nutrition apply to the majority of people and other more nuanced aspects must be specific to the individual.

CrossFit Spur is here to guide you along the path to “eating healthy” by defining what that means for you. Having a good relationship with food will enable you to feel better, have more energy, prevent the onset of metabolic disease and vastly improve your overall quality of life!

What We Offer

Nutrition Coaching – 12 Week Program: $379.00

  • Initial Consultation: Discuss current eating habits, set goals, establish baseline health markers, perform initial body composition test (InBody)
  • 3 Follow Up Meetings: Assessment of food journal, adjustment of target nutrients, food/meal preparation tips and ideas
  • Final Assessment: Review food journal and target numbers, retest health markers, second body composition test (InBody)
  • Email / Text Support: Going out to eat and you’re not sure what do to? You can email or text your coach for support at any point along the way!

    ** Requires purchase of MyFitnessPal premium subscription **

Nutrition Consultation – 1 Hour: $59.00

  • Review of current eating habits
  • Discuss goals / desired outcomes
  • Establish BMR, TDEE and target macronutrient numbers
  • Meal preparation tips and ideas

InBody Composition Testing:

  • Single Test – Member: $35.00 / Non-Member: $50.00
  • Two Pack – Member: $50.00 / Non-Member $70.00

Email [email protected] for more information!