CrossFit Didn’t Work For Me.

Have you ever had someone tell you CrossFit didn’t work for them? Maybe it wasn’t even CrossFit, it could have been another gym or even nutrition program.

But what does that really mean?

Generally speaking anything that gets a person to move their body safely and get sweaty will make them healthier. The results may not be as fast as they’d like, and the workouts may require a lot of effort but that’s not to say it doesn’t work.

There are typically some characteristics in the “it worked for me” group which differ significantly from the characteristics of those in the “it didn’t work for me” group.

They all seem to follow the same steps and process, so why do some people find success and others don’t?

Let’s run through the process in detail.

Signing Up

This is a very difficult step for many people. Actually walking into a gym and making a commitment by forking over your hard earned money.

A very important differentiating factor after joining a gym is being a member vs. being a participant

Joining a gym doesn’t improve your health, going to the gym does. You don’t even need to go to a commercial gym in order to improve your health or fitness. The reason people pay to workout at a gym is for the guidance (coaching), equipment variety and social interaction. It also helps keep them accountable and eliminates the endless distractions of working out at home.

However these things only help if you show up and utilize them. Consistency yields results, and the more often you show up to utilize the gyms offerings the more improvement you will see over time.

The “It Doesn’t Work” group likes to TELL people they are a member at a gym.
Those who see improvement SHOW UP three or more days a week and workout.

Point 1:
Don’t just sign up. Show up.

Working Out

You took the leap, signed up and committed to doing this whole gym thing. So you show up to class, but now what?

Point 1 emphasized attendance, but what you do when you’re at the gym is just as important.

The next differentiating factor is working out vs. hanging out.

In a traditional gym it’s easy to “go to the gym” for an hour and accomplish nothing more than talking to your neighbor and doing a few sets at the water fountain. That’s hanging out, not working out and is a common trait among the “it didn’t work for me” group.

A major advantage of CrossFit is eliminating the guesswork. Your entire workout from start to finish is planned out and ready to go. The gym did their part by programming workouts and preparing safe and effective variations to accommodate any ability or need. Now it’s your turn.

Your CrossFit coaches spend a lot of time learning, practicing and adjusting how they help their athletes get better. So take their advice.

Each workout of the day (WOD) has a specific goal in mind which fits into a much larger plan. The coaches know how this plan works and how you should best approach each workout in order to get the most out of it.

A harder workout does not mean a better workout. Take your coaches guidance, follow the variations they recommend and give your best effort in every workout.

Our coaches are really good at helping you improve, but only if you let them.

Point 2:
Listen to your coaches.
Give your best effort in every workout.

Stick to the plan.

Healthy Habits

Three to five hours of hard work at the gym isn’t enough to balance out the other 163 hours in a week if they’re full of unhealthy habits.

Keep nutrition simple.

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.
Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat”

Translation: Eat whole foods when you’re hungry, not crappy snacks when you’re bored.

Maintain activity levels.

On the rare occasion the sun is out here in the northeast, get outside for a walk. Regularly try new things. Take your friends or family ice skating, on a hike, axe throwing, kayaking or any activity that gets you out and moving.

Participate in social events.

Being a member at a gym does not necessarily constitute belonging to a gym. CrossFit Spur in particular is a great place to make friends. Everyone in here shares the goal of improving their life through health and fitness. Get out and spend some time with them. Social interaction with people who share a common goal will reduce stress, reinforce healthy habits, improve accountability and make time spent in the gym more fun.

Point 3:

Joining a gym is not the same as belonging to a gym.
(Especially CrossFit Spur

The reality is any fitness program will work if you find it enjoyable, follow the prescription and consistently put forth your best effort.

Don’t just say it, do it.
Don’t just show up, put in the work.
Health doesn’t only happen at the gym, stay consistent in daily life.

So when someone says “it just doesn’t work”, chances are it’s not the program that isn’t working.